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SK Steve Korbelak




  Sir Knights,

Here’s a pretty old saying, “March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb”

Of course, this refers to the weather. Coming in cooler than usual, but will be leaving as soft as lamb’s hair.
There are five weeks of Lent in March. On the 19th, we honor St. Joseph and on the 25th we honor the annunciation of the LORD.

Can we say that Jesus is a Patriot?
Think about it. Jesus suffered in the desert and fought against the temptations of the Devil. He stood fast and honored His (Our) Father. Is this not a definition of Patriotism?

Let’s take a soldier as an example. When a citizen joins the military, they sign a contract with the government. This contract requires the soldier to protect his country and fight against foreign and domestic enemies. The contract also includes that the soldier agrees to fight up to and including his death. Is this not a definition of Patriotism?

How about YOU and YOUR Family? Think about it. As a catholic, you believe in OUR GOD and HIS SON JESUS. It may be very often or not that YOU deny the temptations of the Devil. Are you strong in YOUR believes? Do YOU stand or kneel toward our flag when the country anthem is played?

Are YOU a Knight of Columbus in good faith?
If YOU can apply all or some thoughts from above,


Steve Korbelak
Faithfull Navigator
Our Lady of Peace Assembly 2709








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